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See on webcam The area in front of Children's World and watch the weather in Khmelnitsky

Веб камера Хмельницкий Площадь перед Детским Миром

About webcam "The area in front of Children's World" in Khmelnitsky

On the territory of the city of Khmelnitsky is something to see and it's not just sights, but also large shopping malls, which could only dream of. One of them is a Children's World where almost all products for children, regardless of their age. This is the most popular place for young parents, due to the number of storeys of the building and the amount of space inside, they managed to place a huge number of toys, belongings, wheelchairs and other necessary in everyday life things. One trip to a store completely solves the problem of providing their own baby. To see the Mall you can without leaving the house, it is enough to activate the stream there installed web camera. the area in front of the children's World also enters the frame, you can get the most useful information, for example, where a driveway is located, which side of the entrance, many Parking places and are loose. Webcam working around the clock in real time, in the night time the shop was closed and the square emptied from the machines, but the shooting continues.

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