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Веб камера Хмельницкий Железнодорожный вокзал
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About webcam "Train station" in Khmelnitsky

Almost every not even a big city has its own railway station where you arrive local and sometimes long distance long-distance trains. It is difficult to imagine a normally developing infrastructure, modern cities without such a strategically important object. For some trains and trains are the ideal solution for travelling, especially if not carried over the road in a car or bus. Modern trains are equipped for maximum comfort and convenience for travelers, especially if you have to go a few days. Railway station in the Khmelnytskyi large enough to accommodate all arrivals. Here reach the buses, Parking for cars meet, and fitted inside the space under the waiting room. To see the object from the image supplied to the webcam. The device works in real time, around the clock, but after sunset, the photo quality is much worse. The device will be a perfect solution if you are in a hurry and you need to quickly find a Parking space. The survey covered Parking is not always free, so people can't get close to the station, and you have to leave the car near the object, which takes precious moments.

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