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Recently the employees of the transport police said that most accidents happen at pedestrian crossings and this despite the fact that they are equipped with traffic lights. The fact is that between the driver and the pedestrian does not always have mutual respect and understanding, and therefore accidents happen. In the city of Kremenchug one of these pedestrian crossings is removed by the web camera that broadcasts a picture of the clock in real time. The frame gets not only the road surface coated with a footpath and traffic lights. Perfectly visible the light that illuminates. In addition to video, the web camera provides the ability to include sound, then the extension of the image you get the feeling that you get on the street covered by the camera. For parents whose children go through this crosswalk, this is a unique opportunity to see how a child crossing the road. Such control the first few times will be superfluous, after you make sure that kid learned to behave on the road, you can not activate the webcam, if only you will not need to know the weather conditions when you return there.

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