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Not everyone understands why cities, including in Ukraine, set many Webcams, but if you think about it, it becomes clear that they do more good than harm. Now you can look at your or someone else's city from different angles, in more detail to identify those objects that were not previously submitted for your interest. Moreover, the webcam allows you to stay always updated with events, to follow what is happening around. One of these devices installed in the city of Kremenchug, Parking at the store is lit almost completely, the device operates in real time, which means you will always know what is happening on the territory of the object. you may ask, why do you need it? Benefit from the broadcast picture becomes clear when you leave the Parking lot your vehicle and go for a long time. Almost every car enthusiast will tell you that it is near the shops often stolen cars, so having accurate information is not always bad, it helps to respond to the unexpected situation. Even at night the car Park is perfectly visible thanks to a sufficient amount of light at the site. Left there the car will not remain without your supervision, if you turn the stream on a computer or any other device, for this you need only an Internet connection.

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