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In the city of Kremenchug, located on the territory of Ukraine, are few attractions to attract tourists from around the world, but some people would like to see how other cities in other countries and on its territory, in different areas, has installed a web camera. One of them stands in front of the stop Vodokanal. It would seem that's interesting, but thanks to the camera you may want to consider the next building, but if your child now sits on the bus there, make sure when he sat down. Webcam working around the clock in real time, therefore, all information coming to your computer screen is not only reliable but also prompt. Thanks to streaming, you can see which weather conditions at the moment in the city. This is the most accurate forecast as the weather and the political situation in the country, thanks to which you can safely make a decision about the trip. Camera well captures the roadbed, it also works in the dark, and thanks to the signboards of shops, the headlights of passing cars and street lights the space perfectly visible and at night. If you have left your vehicle in sight of the webcam, you can at any time to trace his location.

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