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On the territory of Kremenchuk, which is located in the Ukraine, has a plant of KrAZ, which is famous for its automobile spare parts that are supplied not only to Russia. Opposite there is a bus stop, which now covers all over the world thanks installed then webcam. The device helps you to create your own picture of the considered city and its neighborhoods. Thanks to web cameras installed everywhere, you can appreciate the Kremenchug, to know the situation on the streets, weather and more. In addition, for residents of the city the webcam is a good helper, through which you can know what's going on in the covered area. Stream stop might not be interesting to all users of the network, but for those who have a loved one is in the area or there is a car, this is a unique opportunity to follow the movement. Webcam working around the clock in real time, the picture is served without delay, so you will always have the latest information. Even in the night, passing cars and lights enough to illuminate the stop and what is happening in her events.

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