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Веб камера Вид на улицу Фрунзе
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About webcam "View to the street Frunze" in Melitopol

The Central streets of Melitopol wide and generally have multiple lanes in one or other way, this was done in order to large traffic flow was not the reason for the creation of kilometre long traffic jams. On the territory of the Frunze street is residential areas, bus stops, shops, it is an object, which is an integral part of the transport system of the city. So anyone had the opportunity to see this territory there was a webcam, the feed-stream in real-time. A view of the street Frunze offers low height, the device was fixed on a lamppost, due to which managed to create not only a clear picture with the ability to see small objects, but also the district as a whole. The camera is in the public domain, anyone can activate the stream on your device to see the traffic at the moment. Recently, the drivers began to use broadcasting to determine the presence of a tube before the car will get stuck in it. the device operates constantly, it is possible to activate the sound. Huge opportunities open up for you if you want to move to the illuminated area, in order to evaluate its advantages and disadvantages just enough to include a picture. In the frame of fall of the building, residential district, sidewalk, main highway, if you look closely, you can learn a lot of useful information. The webcam not only allows you to meet new countries and cities, but also to expand the boundaries of his own consciousness, to save time and money.

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