Webcam Melitopol - The fork on the square of Heroes of Ukraine

See on webcam The fork on the square of Heroes of Ukraine and watch the weather in Melitopol

Веб камера Развилка на площади Героев Украины

About webcam "The fork on the square of Heroes of Ukraine" in Melitopol

If the drivers soon learned that when they'd have the opportunity to explore the road in a strange city is not a paper map, and video in real time, they would not believe their ears. Do most drivers, especially beginners, whose tenure is not more than a year, afraid to appear on unfamiliar busy roads. Today it is possible not all, but some access roads layout in the centre of the cities, traffic signs to consider not leaving the house, it is enough to have access to the Internet. One of those cities, whose administration gave open access to the web cameras installed on site, Melitopol, located on the territory of Ukraine. All device, but rather stream them in an open access network for activation, just connect the Internet and activate the player. The web cameras are working around the clock, which allows not just daylight to see the features section of the road, including road signs and the presence of pedestrian crossings, but also during the day to see when the track is less busy, to use it in their own interests. One such web camera is mounted on a fork on the square of Heroes of Ukraine, it covers not only two-lane road in both directions, but a sidewalk path. If you watch, you will notice that on the highway moving a huge number of trucks that bring goods here, but despite this, the quality of the roadway is good with no large depressions and wyben. At night the stretch of road is poorly lit, but the stream does not stop, you can see the passing cars going to the headlights. This is a unique opportunity for the motorist to inspect the quality of the road, the level of intensity and drive on it, in any case, the picture supplied in real time to extract the most useful information.

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