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Веб камера Б. Хмельницкого - Кирова
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About webcam "B. Khmelnitsky - University" in Melitopol

On the territory of Ukraine is the city that more than any other highlights on the Internet, one of them Melitopol. Despite the fact that it is not a multi-million city, its streets, intersections, plazas and many other city facilities attract not only the attention of tourists from the former CIS countries, but also from abroad. Modern web cameras located on poles, skyscrapers, gives a clear idea about the General architecture, the structure of its streets, the height and architecture of buildings and so on. Stream from any camera comes to the Internet and is freely available, it is enough to have connection to the Internet and the device receiving and reproducing the video signal. One of the Webcams installed on B. Hmelnitskogo is Kirov, it is quite a busy intersection for the city on such a scale. In the frame of the picture gets not only traffic lights and road cross the canvas, but also sidewalks, markings, signs and more. Most motorists by viewing video from the camera get the maximum useful information, the rest can simply enjoy the everyday life of citizens. The webcam works in real time, everything that happens in the frame, is now on the illuminated stretch of road. If you leave your vehicle within sight of the camera is a unique opportunity for you to follow its safety. At night the camera does not stop working, but due to the lack of sufficient lighting, visibility can be difficult in shots of cars and pedestrians under the lights of the headlights.

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