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Веб камера Крымское кольцо - южный выезд
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About webcam "Crimean ring - South exit" in Melitopol

Crimean ring is used as a main part of the Federal highway, so it would be useful to see from the outside what it looks like. Especially such information is essential for motorists who first arrive on the territory of Melitopol and are not familiar with the features of the movement, markings and other nuances that allows to feel confident on the road. If before motorists are shared between them the practical experience gained during the visits, made a mark in network respect to those or other sections of the road, today many of the rings, the junctions are fitted with web cameras through which you can easily learn about the features of direction. One of these Webcams installed in front of the Crimean rings – South end. If you are going on the road, but this section of the road does not inspire you trust, you have a great way to know in advance the traffic on it, to see the layout and so on. The camera operates around the clock in real time, so you can see that when there are traffic jams on this stretch of road, and when the track is completely empty. The device gives a clear picture only after dark become visible, only the headlights of cars and the territory covered by them. The stream is freely available, anyone can include it on your device, it is enough to have on hand a good connection to the Internet. Webcam installed so that any user could get maximum of useful information. On the territory of the city of Melitopol installed several web cameras that also focused on intersections, interchanges and other facilities of the city, it is difficult to overestimate the benefits of such broadcasts.

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