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In the XIX century, Odessa was the fourth city of Imperial Russia, after Moscow, St. Petersburg and Warsaw. Its historical architecture has a more Mediterranean flavor than Russian, which is strongly influenced by French and Italian styles. Odessa has always had the spirit of freedom and ironic humor, probably due to its location and its willingness to accept and tolerate people of different backgrounds.

While Odessa is the administrative center of the Odessa region, the city is the capital of the Odessa city municipality. However, Odessa is a city of regional subordination, therefore it is subordinate only to the regional authorities, and not only to the Odessa municipality located in the city itself. The territory of Odessa is divided into 4 administrative districts: Kievsky, Malinovsky, Primorsky, Suvorovsky. In addition, each district has its own administration, subordinate to the Odessa City Council, and limited liability.

It is worth noting the Black Sea beach of Luzanovka, which is notable for its comfort, cleanliness and convenient descent to the sea. A picture of it is fed into the network for free through a webcam lens. video works online around the clock.

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