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The city is still undergoing a period of formation of the economy, even today, the reform processes do not stop, especially if we talk about the property. In the city there are medium and large enterprises producing a wide range of products. Few people know that here officially works Association Fort of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine, which is engaged in the manufacture of firearms and special means for law enforcement agencies of the country, moreover, is prepared for hunting and sporting weapons. Most of the production is exported to Kazakhstan, Peru and Romania. Present and other important industrial complexes, which largely support the economy of the country and give her a good profit to the budget. It also operates a plant for the production of the attractions that are already in the Central Park of the city. Generally areas much attention is paid to children, even the city Council has a dedicated children's room. The room is perfectly equipped for home away from home in accordance with the safety precautions. Here are designs in which you can just lie down, and there for action, in addition there are toys. To see room enough to include a webcam on the Internet, it translates the image in real time around the clock. Room til evening, and then it closes and the building of the city Council. If your child is there, it is enough to have on hand a device for playback of images and connecting to the Internet to see what the baby. Any parent will worry less when you will have the opportunity to observe their child no matter where he is, a few miles away or just behind the wall in the next room.

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