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Vinnitsa is known as the city on the territory of which much attention is paid to culture, art since 1993 in the walls of the local Philharmonic is a classical music competition, which got international importance. To participate in the contest are invited professional teams not only in Ukraine but also from abroad. One of the prerequisites of the contest is the performance of Tchaikovsky's music. If you get bored of a cultural event or will seem boring you can always spend time on the fountain square of Independence. This is the perfect place. Where you can not just chat with friends and eat ice cream, but to escape from the summer heat. Thanks to the excellent facilities of the area here is always crowded, even on weekdays. So anyone could see and appreciate the advantages of proximity to the city, there was a webcam. The device takes a picture freely available on the Internet, hence anyone can appreciate the advantages and disadvantages of a fountain. The webcam works around the clock, this means that even after sunset, the picture does not cease to broadcast. Due to the fact that around the fountain a lot of lights, and at night to consider the overall architecture of the object to see the number of people near the fountain. Before going to sleep come here often families with children to walk, the flow of young people never stops. You can not just sit under a shady tree, but Cycling or rollerblading. Webcam installed so that any user could examine the object in detail because of this people around the world can see one part of the city in which never was.

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