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In 2011 the health sector has seen many reforms since 2012 have been organized primary care in which assist the General practitioners. In addition, the city there are other equally important objects, as for example, a care center for mothers and children, city hospitals and the office of the registration service. To see how to work in the office can now in real time on a broadcast sent to the network the Internet. If you look at the picture it becomes clear that the city administration did everything possible to ensure that people are not idle hours waiting. In one small room concentrated on a few tables for check in, the staff tried to be not only friendly, but also work fast so the flow of people has varied rather. To promote work within the office have been installed webcam, it works around the clock, even when employees have left their jobs. This is a great opportunity not just to see how many people are in the office, but also to track employees ' work. For each of them there was created a comfortable place for the reception of citizens. Each table is equipped with a lamp, a computer and a comfortable chair. You can for interest to compare the speed of reception of citizens and the quality of the workplace. With the end of working time in the room is only dim light, so the picture quality may be worse, but still the area of the room visible.

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