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The city is one of the medium-sized cities of Ukraine, he is known as the place in whose territory hosts several major music festivals. A distinctive feature of these events is the musical direction, i.e. a broad area of the used styles and directions in music. Much emphasis is put on even not so popular artists, genres that are considered alternative. A lot of attention city administration pays to the popularization of classical music, some concerts are held in the walls of local temples. Have cities and other attractions, for example the Independence square, where young people gather for leisure time a big company. To view today, the area you have no need to buy a ticket and go to the city, enough to have some free time, a computer and an Internet connection. The webcam works around the clock in night time, it is not intended to night mode, so the picture is much worse in quality. Unfortunately, in the area there is not enough light, and therefore to examine in detail the territory impossible. The perfect time to identify the advantages and disadvantages of the object – the time after sunrise. Excellent set of the sun is visible in a green area, walkway paving, benches and other objects. Even from this perspective it becomes clear that the cleanliness and order in the area, the city authorities strictly, because of this there is always going to the noisy companies for a pleasant leisure time, especially on weekends. In addition to video camera can serve and sound, but due to the distance from the center and it is difficult to distinguish specific sounds, for example voices of people.

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