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Las Vegas is known as a city of great hope and opportunity, come here to try their luck or test their own destiny. The lives of local residents a permanent holiday, but that doesn't mean it flows any differently, just the people here have learned to appreciate every moment live. There are in Las Vegas and not only casinos and bars, the faithful built a small Church in the classic style of these places. To see it can be anyone, regardless of what in the world he is at the moment. The web camera is installed right in the walls of the building and aims his lens at the exit of the Church. If you decide to watch the broadcast in real time will be able to see the interior, a feature of the furniture. Webcam working around the clock, but the Church only during the day and closed at night, so after the departure of the last of the parishioners in the video, the user will see a little something interesting. The advantage of this broadcast is the ability to view it on any device that can reproduce the video signal. Visitors to the Church will try not to pay attention to the webcam, but for some users this is a unique opportunity to see gathered their friends in the walls of the institution. This stream in real time is always operational information from the first person about what's going on inside. You can see how the meeting goes on, to activate the sound and listen to a sermon if it will be of interest to you. The picture is quite clear for the user to feel comfortable while watching video.

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