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Веб камера США Лас-Вегас Отель-казино Стратосфера
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Arriving in the famous city of Las Vegas, you don't even imagine that get into 24-hour party. But this is exactly what you will have to experience. Everywhere you look, visible fluorescent lights, buildings that seemed to touch the sky, running along the entire length of the Las Vegas strip, taxis and buses, and more. Many who are going here in a little adventure, stay for weeks. When you enter the hotel-casino stratosphere eyes involuntarily rounded from of decor. Architecture and design of the hotel is stunning. The hotel casino is located in the center of the first floor, here the slot machines and gaming tables. People look unforgettable, when they win jackpots or more and more coins. There are also shops with t-shirts, postcards and other Souvenirs. Luxury room more than living room and bedroom in the house in most people. The living area of the room is filled with couches, chairs, table, beds, a bar and huge entertainment center. To see casinos using established there webcam. This is a great opportunity to get online to feel the spirit of this place and decide for yourself whether to spend time on such a fascinating journey.

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