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Las Vegas is considered the most interesting, expensive and simply extraordinary city in the world. Now you have the opportunity to take advantage of our special camera, which is located right above the road. Unfortunately, so far it has been possible to add only this camera to the collection, but in the future we will try to significantly expand the available range for active viewing. In the meantime, you can join the camera and enjoy the available surveillance options. The camera lens gets two roads and a pleasant lawn with green grass. Of the objects it is worth noting a special hydrant and a sign, the designation of which will remain unknown. The main thing is not to get upset because of the small number of objects and just try to achieve unity with this direction. What can you do while watching with this camera? For example, you can pay attention to a variety of elements passing cars. It is their in this case is very clearly visible, so you can easily assess the high cost and even tuning the vehicle. The main thing is to have time to catch the smallest details of vehicles to be able to actively assess their splendor. Another interesting aspect of this camera will be its round-the-clock activity, which means that when the parades or festivities begin, you will be able to closely observe all the available celebration, which will achieve a good result in terms of the marketability of the atmosphere. We offer you not to waste time and just start active surveillance for such a small, but nice enough area of town. Now you'll be able to check how much your imagination and fiction. We can only wish you good luck and good mood. We are sure that now you will be glad to new cameras in the collection. Godspeed!

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