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On the territory of the Pattaya go not only to enjoy a beach holiday, but also to see the sights, go to the bar to try the local cooking. Despite the fact that on the territory of the city are small and narrow coastline and it is not always clear sea every year it attracts huge number of tourists. Near the town, just forty minutes by boat located coral Islands, around which not just clean water, but also the amazing underwater life. Tourists, the purpose of which is diving spoil yourself with a journey under water in these surroundings, it is ideal for hunting in the water. On the territory of Pattaya are always a huge number of working restaurants and cafes serving traditional cuisine and cuisine of different peoples of the world, to tourists it is easier to adapt. Always waiting for a tourists guest house on the street of love, which created comfortable conditions for the stay and the landlord is willing to indulge any whims tourists. If you go on vacation independently, without participation of the tour operator, then this is a unique opportunity for you cheap and a good rest. On site there is a web camera stream which is fed to the network the Internet round the clock in real time. It is your ideal helper, which can help you to determine the advantages and possible disadvantages of the hotel courtyard. If you watch the tourists inside the courtyard it becomes clear that people not only used to pleasure an active lifestyle, but also try not to stay in the rooms. Here you always will advise you where to spend your time where to go near any of the sights really make the most impressive photos.

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