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In Thailand many beaches that can offer the comfort of local and tourists who in large number are here from the onset of the holiday season. Thailand attracts to its shores not only a variety of cultural programs, but also quality service and most importantly, affordable cost of vacation. Will never be bored here, you can always please yourself by walking on the sea, passive beach holiday, leisure travel excursions and many others. To see the beaches on the promenade, no need to buy a plane ticket and travel around the country, enough to have a computer or phone on which you can watch the video broadcast. To see the beaches of the promenade in all of their beauty you can now not only having been in Pattaya, for remote viewing of the object only need to have a computer or good phone to get timely information about the object of interest. This web camera is characterized by persistent work, it is sufficient to turn the device on, connect it to the network and you have to use an assistant, who sends it in real time information from the scene. Webcam if the quality of the network connection is good conveys useful information quickly. When the sun gets to the Zenith, it becomes difficult to distinguish small objects on the beaches, because that changes the quality of the recording and the picture becomes darker. The best time to get useful information after sunrise, when sunlight is enough to fully illuminate the object in question. Any user can get free access to video, just select some free time for browsing. With a webcam you can travel the world without financial cost, within a short period of time can be almost completely examine the object of interest.

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