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Since its inception, and long after Pattaya was a fishing village, everything began to change after the 61 th year, when here came the first tourists, namely American soldiers. Since that time, the town as a resort began to emerge in a certain direction, namely in the direction of increasing on-site bars and restaurants for adults. Today it is quite different and the rest has moved on, people come with families to enjoy underwater hunting, beaches, always warm sea and entertainment offered by local authorities. Speaking on the annual flow of tourists, Pattaya is visited by nearly 4 million people from around the globe, that is why the resort can compete with other no less famous. Popular with tourists not only the sea itself but also ship harbour, where every day there are dozens of ships. For those who have never seen anything like this spectacular sight. To see it there is no need to buy a ticket, today it is sufficient to have at hand computer and the Internet. On-site ship harbour is a web camera that broadcasts a picture on the entire world for free. The webcam works around the clock, the device can not only give a picture to the network, but also the sound. If you are going here on holiday remember that the only thing you can ruin is infinitely walking in the merchants who want you to sell something. For a comfortable stay on the beach you can always for a penny to get a table and a lounger, especially if you want thrills and a bit of solitude take the ferry to coral island. Don't expect beaches around the city something special, there is little space, and the water becomes muddy for no reason.

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