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Pattaya is a city in which during the tourist season arrives to 500 thousand of tourists from different places of the planet, and all because it is not just the year-round warm sea, but there is always something to entertain themselves. More than half of the specified number of tourists come to enjoy the beauty of the underwater world around the coral Islands, but not surprisingly, the marine life here is very rich. On the coast in the season always a lot of people, sometimes even nowhere to find a place and very popular pier. To see her today is enough to have a computer and connection to the Internet. The webcam is directed to the pier so that people considering picture received a maximum of useful information. The frame gets not only the sea surface to the horizon, but also the coastline. At night, the picture worsens, this happens because the device is not designed for night shooting, visible in the frame, only the lights from the ships. If you are going on vacation to Pattaya, you have a good opportunity to see the city from all sides. Its territory has several web cameras aimed at not only the beach but also the main attractions. The picture is served in real-time, all receive operational information. This is a unique opportunity not just to see the city and appreciate its advantages, but also to know the climatic features. In the city there's always something to do, this is the main reason why here, the tourist business is on the first place, and the flow of tourists is never exhausted, only decreases with the onset of the rainy season.

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