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Pattaya is considered a true Paradise in Thailand. Among the world's resorts Pattaya is one of the first places to experience the religious past must arrive on the territory of the city, there really is something to see, including the Royal Palace, Buddha Temple and so on, but for those who do not like to spend time at historic places will also find something to do in the evening, for example to go to the bar. Today one of the most popular places is the bar, I-Rovers, where they like to spend time tourists. Parking in front of the bar, I-Rovers is widely covered on the Internet, the owners of the establishment not against it to draw attention to the object, thanks to the number of clients increases significantly. Webcam almost completely covers the Parking lot in front of the bar, the picture gives a lot of useful information to tourists who are only going here on vacation. The device operates in real time, so everything you see in the picture is happening at the moment. In nighttime visible in the frame only those areas that are illuminated by lanterns, the rest of the area remains in the twilight. In addition to on-site bars Pattaya Park is Mini Siam, where you can see the layouts of all the attractions. Furthermore in the city there is a water Park with lots of water sports if you have enough of the local attractions you can go to the show of erotic dance that will impress your imagination not only the brightness of costumes, but the skill of the dancers.

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