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Historic centre of Riga, which is located in the territory of Latvia and is listed in the UNESCO world heritage site, stands in the lower reaches of the river. Riga – a city whose area is divided into two halves, on the southern shore is the Northern suburb, which is not less interested in tourists than the centre, with its attractions and other benefits. Sparsely populated, only two parts of this territory, West and South, and all because there are swamps and marshes, which even some hundred years ago is the natural defense of the city from enemies and invaders. Most tourists Latvia for its landscape, from the ice age then came lake with unparalleled beauty of nature, but this is not all that may interest you, if you're here on vacation. it is because in Riga many preserved historic architecture, its territory lovers gather to explore the features of the used styles of construction. Always a lot of people near the Cathedral on the dome square, to see which now you can with the screen your computer is wanted. Installed here is a webcam aimed at the front entrance to the building, it's a bit removed from the object, which helped to almost completely fit the building into the frame. Webcam working around the clock in real time, with the screen clearly visible and the architectural style used during the construction of the facility and the area in front of him. You can feel free to include this in your travel schedule, here is something to see, even if you are not much interested in architectural delights. The best time to explore the Cathedral the day it was then, under the sun is possible in detail to study the infrastructure of the described object. Unfortunately with this web camera will not be able to get information about what is inside the Cathedral, but for those interested in architecture of different eras, the building will be an amazing find, especially since the web camera allows you to see the object.

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