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Riga happy and surprised architecture built buildings, wide streets, relaxed atmosphere is not the main thing that attracts Latvia tourists. Here is the Church of St. John, where arriving pilgrims from around the world to defend the service, to see this man-made creation and communion. A web camera mounted nearby, only partially covers the entrance to the building, but despite this, it is indispensable curious tourists. Thanks to round the clock broadcast the picture you can see that in real-time on the street where the Church stands. Webcam gives the screen a clear picture, it is possible to turn on the sound and feel the atmosphere of the city. If you observe the life of locals throughout the day, it becomes clear that in Riga people are not used to the hustle and bustle. A quiet and quiet rest is the main thing that attracts tourists. Most of the pilgrims travel constantly to cities around the world and visiting churches of various eras and styles. Especially popular Catholic constructions of future architects and lovers of antiquity. Thanks to them, they are easily traced inherent in each individual time peculiarities of construction and decoration of buildings.

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