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In Riga enjoy spending time not only in summer, is the country on whose territory there is always something to see. Ancient street in the town attract the attention of tourists from different countries with its virgin nature, preserved architecture. There really is something to see, moreover, a pleasant and peaceful atmosphere it attracts the attention of families with children who prefer a quiet holiday. Today you can see old streets from the comfort of home, just turn on the webcam stream which is available to anyone with a connection to the Internet. Webcam working around the clock in real time, so you will always be aware of events, and can also see the weather in the city. Today travelling has become easier, as well as to assess the objects of history. Webcams help significantly save your time and money. To plan a future route can be seen on the screen pictures. To assess the city helps no one camera, and a few that are installed in different ends. If you are going to Riga, you should definitely walk through the ancient streets to experience and feel the atmosphere of the middle ages, which to this day there has not disappeared.

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