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Even if you arrive to Riga, it does not mean that you will have the opportunity to inspect it with the most attractive sides. To every person on the planet, the opportunity was here, in one of the areas has been established and works round-the-clock webcam. Really this is one of the most beautiful sights in Latvia and now to see the city from a different angle have any. The webcam is aimed at the city and almost completely covers it, and with it the water Park area for tourists. Especially beautiful panorama opens from the webcam sundown when the city lights are lit. From the ground to see such a spectacle is impossible. The device not only delivers clear, sharp picture, but also allows you to turn on the sound. Thanks to a web camera you will always know what the weather in the city at the time of viewing. If to watch without stopping, you will notice that the promenade is one of the main routes of the city and on the water with the periodic frequency of sail ships and small boats, which spend their time people who prefer to stay near water. You can search for pictures of Riga from any angle, and can see the city at any time from the side and this unique opportunity should not be overlooked with the onset of dusk, when just beginning to turn on the lights and billboards and lighting Riga.

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