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And now it's time to rest a little from the boundless panoramas and enjoy something less scale and not so spacious. How about we go to the city of Kemerovo? True walk along the streets of the city does not work, but carefully consider the largest urban pool is quite possible. By the way, it carries the name "Azure" and the indigenous people probably know a lot about it. And to casual spectators, we simply suggest spending time with the company of this structure and just think about a variety of interesting topics. Of course, the hypnotic effect of the pool should not wait, as the water in the pool does not move, but stands still. The central part of the pool hit the camera's lens, so the picture itself has a minimal set of details. However, this camera has a sound that slightly enhances the atmosphere of staying in this pool and simply provides the opportunity to enjoy the process of observation. But do not lose in the opportunities, for example, on the edges of the pool can be seen skirts, which sometimes run through people, what to say about the days when in this basin many people bathe. By the way, sometimes there are local swimming competitions and even jumps in the water, so if you closely follow this structure, you may later get a chance to enjoy a rather unusual activity space. You just need to mark this camera and admire it at any convenient time. Do not worry, you will definitely get the weight, it's enough just to have a little patience and such a dull look can change in a moment. In addition, the very feeling of a large building clearly will benefit you. We wish you a great mood and all the best!

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