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It's time to return to our native lands and try to take advantage of the excellent opportunity to have a good time and see the city of Kemerovo from a great height. This time the camera will show Kemerovo State Circus in the city of Kemerovo, which will provide not only a pleasant pastime, but also a sense of the atmosphere of a big city. Thanks to a new perspective you can see not only the circus area, but also a major traffic junction. And if you look closely, you can also watch people who move briskly along the sidewalks. Most of the perspective of course is the circus itself, which has an unusual architecture. Another pleasant moment is the increased availability of trees and lawns. For example, on the left from the top you can see a spacious lawn with flowers, which will provide pleasant impressions from what you saw. Do not miss the personal attention to the opportunity to spend a pleasant time watching the movement of vehicles and trams. As you may have guessed, the basic atmosphere of the new observation will still be urban fuss. Well it's not, it's up to you, only a little time to spend on a detailed inspection of all available content, finding interesting details and a simple pleasant pastime. Do not miss the opportunity to personally look at a piece of the big city of Kemerovo, which has its own special features, fascinating places and this area with a circus. It remains only to find a bit of free time, and you will definitely enjoy the time that has been spent, most importantly, to ask yourself the meaning of enjoying the view. And for a change, do not forget to look into this camera at night, since city illumination is the most priority direction among all options. Pleasant observation!

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