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There are a lot of road cameras in the vastness of Russia, it remains only to keep a close watch on them and choose the most priority ones. For example, now you have the opportunity to simply use the camera with a live broadcast, which depicts a ring on Lenin Avenue in the city of Kemerovo. Do not immediately look for other options to spend your free time, because in this case you have a great opportunity just to enjoy the beauty of the city. After all, you will be presented with a circular motion, in the center of which is a nicely decorated lawn. And the size of this ring is quite interesting and just pleasant. By the way, the central lawn is decorated with flowers in the form of rings. If you look closely, you can see that the flowers are very different and quite beautiful. In the center there are several bushes and a column with advertisements. Although it may seem that the design is rather modest and not as interesting, it is not worth losing time and just watching. As you would expect, the main camera angle will be represented as a traffic stream. Machines will move endlessly and please their diversity and different colors. Sometimes you can see flying buses and buses, occasionally here wagons pass. Behind the ring can be seen the town itself, although only a few high-rise buildings are presented for viewing and all, there is a pavement, a large shop and a small forest. Perhaps you will be surprised, but it was just so many details that we managed to notice while we were personally examining this part of the city. Now it's time and you carefully study all available spaces and try to achieve the desired result in terms of close observation. Now this camera is available to you at any time and nothing will stop you from enjoying the glorious city of Kemerovo.

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