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Well, have rested from constant observations of other corners of the world? Then we suggest to return again to your favorite occupation and visit the expanses of the city of Kemerovo. This time you will have the opportunity to enjoy the camera that displays the Kuzbass bridge in the city of Kemerovo. What is so unique about it? If you straightly disassemble the details, then nothing, but this does not negate the presence of a pleasant atmosphere of vanity and an endless stream of traffic. If you have already turned on the broadcast, you probably noticed how far the route is forgiven. And if you look closely, the headlights almost do not go out, which indicates the increased interest of drivers to this road. It is understandable, throughout the way there are no pedestrian crossings, no traffic lights. It's enough just to roll along the track and enjoy freedom. Attention is drawn to the unusual structure on the left, which has an ambiguous architecture. In principle, it fits perfectly into this picture, especially in spring, when trees are covered with greenery and an atmosphere of favorable nature that stretches along the entire route. On the right there is another structure, however, only a small part of it can be seen. But the look attracts parking, which on certain days is completely crammed with colorful cars. Whatever one may say, an abundance of colors always benefits the overall perception of the picture. Therefore, if you are ready to enjoy such an extraordinary environment and just want to return to Kemerovo again, you only need to prepare your attention and begin to closely monitor the expanses. Positive emotions and just a new acquaintance with a small but important part of the city are provided. We wish you a pleasant stay and a good mood!

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