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Веб камера Аллея в парке Горького
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About webcam "Alley in Gorky Park" in Melitopol

With the development of technical tools that man has managed to seamlessly fit in their benefit in modern life has become much easier to travel, people have the opportunity to break down stereotypes, to move at the speed of thought, to visit dozens of countries in a few minutes. All this became possible after access was opened to the world of the Internet. Since the beginning of this discovery, much has changed, the communication speed has improved significantly, inside the system was introduced additional technologies, Webcams have become the main assistants of man, through which it is possible free of charge to contact relatives and friends thousands of miles away.Webcams have great potential in human life, it is possible not just to communicate, today it is possible to erase the borders between countries, without any extra costs to see the world around us. Such devices are installed on the coast in different cities, inside cafes, hotels, dog boarding kennels, in the territory of ports, industrial zones and so on. In Melitopol city, too, there is the webcam broadcasting the picture to the whole world, one of which opens to the alley in Gorky Park. If you've never seen this town, but the only reason you would want to go there you have a unique opportunity to do so keeping their own money and effort. The device operates in real time, around the clock, that's why you are always at hand operational information not only regarding the political situation in the city, but also climatic conditions. The device is almost completely captures in the camera area (avenues, shops for tourists and parkland. This is one of the most popular places among locals, where you can not just spend time but also enjoy socializing with friends, and sometimes silence. The alley is located close to the highway, but the sound is the noise of the city here is absorb green spaces.

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