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Веб камера Центральная площадь Победы
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About webcam "Victory Square" in Melitopol

In the city of Melitopol, located in Ukraine, has its own attractions, most visited places today actively highlighted on the Internet. The installation of a large number of web cameras in areas helped to reduce crime and to acquaint with the peculiarities of the settlement of others living thousands of miles away. Web camera gave excellent opportunity to the people in advance to choose the city where they would like to live. Their territory covered not only cultural monuments, but also industrial areas, allowing you to create a correct and objective opinion. The most visited object in Melitopol is the Victory square, the dimensions of which allow for not only are there small meetings and citywide events. To better consider the advantages and disadvantages of the object in its territory were installed webcam transmitting the image in real time around the clock. Shooting is online free access to connect enough of the computer and the Internet. In the night time picture is deteriorating because of the remoteness from the powerful light sources, the rest of the time to your device's screen you can see in detail the architectural features of the facility, access road and rest. Web camera allows you to get the maximum useful information in a short time without any extra costs. There is Parking for cars, if you left the car you will always have the opportunity to see the integrity of the vehicle and respond quickly to any negative changes.

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