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The Central Victory square in the city of Melitopol, which is located in the Ukraine – the main object of the city which is used by local authorities and activists for meetings and cultural events. Its length allows you to accommodate on paved tracks more than a thousand people. If earlier to get acquainted with the site you could only after arriving in the city, today no matter where you are, enough to have a good connection to the Internet to detail can be seen not only on this Central square, but other towns all over Ukraine. Web camera broadcasts the picture in the public domain, any interested user can discover something new, to see what is happening in the city in real time. The webcam works around the clock, but with the onset of darkness because of the remoteness of the object, the picture quality deteriorates, the rest of the stream was clear enough. The device is used not only by those who missed the Melitopol and would like to remember its streets and squares, to hear a familiar rumble, but simple travellers who prefer to plan ahead for your vacation. Thanks to a web camera, you can explore a new city before a decision is made to spend money to buy a ticket. Explore town and country, travel with us, even if you have no time for this, the webcam opens up incredible opportunities.

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