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Веб камера Поворот на улицу Шмидта
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About webcam "Turn on street Schmidt" in Melitopol

Web camera gave a lot of new possibilities to man, thanks to him we were able not just to talk at a distance, but to see each other, no matter what country you are in. Modern device allow you to transfer high quality picture and sound with the targeted places to watch the broadcast, a person need to have on hand the device receiving and reproducing the video signal and connection to the world wide Internet. Many such cameras installed by cities throughout the world, they not only help to improve the crime situation, but also just to meet new countries. In Melitopol, which is located on the territory of Ukraine are several Webcams overlooking the city from different sides. It is unique in its own way an amazing opportunity to see the city without buying the ticket there. Thanks to this webcam, you can not just make up their minds, but also to learn a lot of useful and timely information. The web camera mounted to turn on the street Schmidt, covers the road, sidewalk track, the next building. You can in the details area covered by the camera. Access to the broadcast is any user who can connect to the network and to reproduce the image. Some motorists use the webcam as the main helpers, especially if the area is not familiar, but need to know what markings are there, what are the road signs, which side is moving the traffic flow and everything. The device operates around the clock, and lit at night time are only those areas where there are lights or where directed lights, the stream is fed without interruption so you can safely consider the covered territory.

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