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Supermarkets ATB are very popular in Ukraine. They are in almost every city, but in Pervomaisk the camera is installed on the ring in front of the ATB. The device opens the motorists more opportunities to explore the access road to the supermarket, to consider the direction of traffic markings on the road surface. Webcam almost completely covers the ring, she works in real time so you can at any time to learn about the traffic of the road section. The device takes a picture around the clock, but after dark, the photo quality deteriorates due to the insufficient amount of light. Video can be viewed anywhere in the world, it is enough to have access to the Internet and devices to display images. Though the ring in front of ATB and has no historical value, but motorists will agree that to have available additional information about a particular stretch of road always not only useful, but necessary. Modern technical progress has allowed to highlight some sections of roads around the world, including the entrances to airports, big shopping malls, markets, train stations. Thanks to the Internet and installed inside the car equipment people always have operational information in advance and avoids the difficulties in the way.

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