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In Pervomaisk are in demand not only supermarkets ATB, but the Magnet, which today has become a vast trading network. Near almost every large supermarket there is always Parking for cars, but not always it is possible to find a seat, especially during big sales. Parking, shopping center the Magnet in Pervomaisk in Ukraine, highlights the webcam, which is still only at the entrance to learn about the load of the object. Such opportunities would greatly save time. Webcam almost completely covers the Parking lot, none of its parts remains unlit. The device operates in real time, around the clock. Deteriorating the picture just after sunset when the artificial light source is not enough in order to be able to consider in more detail what is happening in the Parking lot. Great app for taxi drivers who are on call need to access the Magnet, but to navigate a densely crowded area quickly fails. With the height at which the camera is installed, they show not only unexpected free space, but driveways, congestion of people. It's safe to say, though the camera does not broadcast a historical monument, it is indispensable and necessary, especially for those who often have to come to the Mall.

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