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Beginning in mid-April 2014, pro-Russian separatists captured several cities in the Luhansk region, including Pervomaisk. The next referendums on the status of Donbass, 2014, were not held in Pervomaysk. July 25, 2014 Kyiv Post reported that heavy fighting for the city was inevitable, since the separatists were persecuted by the Ukrainian army from nearby cities and intended to make Pervomaisk their base. Much of the city was destroyed, including a park and a rest. See in what state it is now, you can use the webcam and round the clock broadcast from it, which broadcasts to the whole world. The struggle for control over the city between the separatists and the Ukrainian army broke out on July 28, 2014. Since then, a lot has passed and the park was restored, as is normal life in it. The lens of the webcam is aimed at the object in such a way as to catch it from a more advantageous side. The device works around the clock, the broadcast is available to any user. On how stable the connection with the network depends on the quality of the picture.

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