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The Executive Committee, or as it is now more often referred to the local authority, having Executive power, is not of any tourist interest, one in some cases would like to and his life was widely reported in the masses. Opposite the main entrance to the Executive Committee in the city of Pervomaisk there is a web camera, which fully covers the access road and Parking. If you work there this is a unique opportunity for you to look and see if the place desired people if there is free space for cars. In addition, the web camera is the ideal companion that helps to monitor the location of cars around the clock in real time. The device delivers a clear picture, you just need Internet access and the device on which the video can be viewed. After dark, the photo quality deteriorates, but this is not surprising, because there is no front of a powerful light source. These images are broadcast around the clock may seem useless, actually, and they bring their favor, and most importantly, make available to others the daily life of cities, affecting and illuminating not only cultural centres but other crowded places. The more indispensable they become when around the illuminated object, there are unexpected event for the country, and broadcast media groups there.

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