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Almost all cities have fountains in the summer heat they attract the attention of the residents cool. The fountain in the center of Pervomaisk too crowded in the summer. Here come families with children, young people to explore the area, relax near the water. Around the fountain there are a sufficient number of shops that can accommodate virtually all arriving. There are a lot of gardens and plantings of trees, whose foliage create the desired shade. Web camera installed, fully cover the fountain and the immediate area. If you've never been there, but want to see the fountain webcam is a great tool. She works around the clock, in real time. You will always know how many people in the square around the fountain. Only at night the visibility is deteriorating and shooting becomes difficult to see the silhouettes of people. In any case, what time would the day you didn't turn on the stream, you'll like what you see. The screens served not only picture but also sound, so it seems that you return to your home city. If your child is currently on the fountain, you are free to follow what he does simply to have the device receiving the picture and the Internet access. Technical progress in this case was a great help for those parents who are accustomed to always be aware of their child's activities.

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