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Площадь 17 ноября

About webcam "Area 17 November" in Příbram

The city of příbram is striking in its beauty and the number of attractions that are on site available to visitors. Indeed, here there is always somewhere to go and it's not just bars and restaurants, but also parks, attractions, area and more. Most of the objects worthy of the attention of tourists today can be seen on your computer screen, it is enough to have access to the Internet and the appropriate rate that would allow no interruptions to watch the broadcast from the event. one of these Webcams overlooking the Square on November 17, the camera almost completely covers the object and the area of the city around him. A user with this broadcast receives a maximum of useful information regarding the infrastructure of the city and its landscape architecture. Webcam working around the clock in real time, which means that regardless of the country in which the user is located, he receives reliable and timely information on what's happening in the square. At night the picture changes dramatically, the shot fall the lights, visible at home, but all without detail.

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