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Йирасковы сады (подъезд)
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About webcam "Jiraskova gardens (entrance)" in Příbram

In the Czech Republic is a huge number of unique objects that would be worth a look, if you travel here. Czech Republic is an amazing country with its color, habits and traditions, the locals are very peaceful and calm attitude to people of any nationality. Stay in příbram you have to remember not only going to the water Park, but walking along the promenade by Jiraskova gardens that are very popular with tourists in different countries. To evaluate the object and understand what it is, no need to buy a ticket to the country, sufficient to enable the stream with installed Webcams. the device is aimed at the entrance to the gardens, camera covers completely the object, this makes it possible in detail to consider the infrastructure of the sites. At night, the webcam does not stop the shooting, but because of the poor lighting of gardens and removal from the object image is significantly obscured, the rest of the time, starting with sunrise, you can explore the gardens. Stream is available to any Internet user for free, this another advantage of virtual tours.

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