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Улица Пражская в Пршибраме

About webcam "Street Prague" in Příbram

If you have ever wanted to visit in the Czech Republic, today you have the opportunity was there, and completely free. The city of příbram has been widely publicized in the Internet due to the huge number of Webcams installed on its territory. Camera broadcasting broadcast from different places, including sites, places, cultural activities, and even just the streets. One of these Webcams located in Prague, she works in real time, which means that everything that takes place in the illuminated object, here and now. The device delivers to the network the stream is totally free, webcam works around the clock, so you have the opportunity to see the city not only by day but at night the light of the neon lights. The device is installed in such a way that it is possible to cover a large area of the street, the shot misses the intersection with the crosswalk and the area of the city adjacent to it. If you watch the broadcast, you may notice that most locals prefer to travel by Bicycle or motorcycle, it really is in the country this kind of transport is more preferable.

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