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Автовокзал в Пршибрам
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About webcam "The bus station" in Příbram

In the Czech town of Pribram have many web cameras that allows you to remove different areas and objects here. One of these chambers is directed to the bus station where people leave not only in the next town, but much further. The bus station in any city is a strategically important object, it is necessary for free movement of passenger traffic. Now you can look at the architecture and the infrastructure of the station with the screen your computer totally free. Webcam installed at the site, captures a frame in the station building and car Park. A detailed study of the picture can be seen the driveway, like painted markings so you know exactly which side to drive up to the front door. The webcam works around the clock, picture is fed into the grid in real time. To view the broadcast, it is sufficient to have at hand a network device perceives the video signal. In the night time territory the station is illuminated, but not good enough for that camera could be in the details object.

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