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Зимний ледовый стадион

About webcam "Winter ice stadium" in Příbram

The Czech Republic is famous country when it comes to hockey, there are competitions, Championships, here come the winners of the global trainers. The country has everything necessary to actively develop the sport and carry it out to the masses, especially popular Winter ice stadium, which hosts training sessions of the teams, a tournament bracket. To any network user was able to see what the object looks like from the inside, there was a webcam. The shooting direction was chosen in such a way that the user could see for himself the maximum of useful information, assess the architecture of the stadium, its internal features. Stream is conducted round the clock only at night, because of the lack of bright light the picture is worsening. The device operates in real time, all information on the screen of your computer timely and reliable. The picture can be seen by anyone on the network, it is absolutely free, and is transmitted worldwide.

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