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Крытый плавательный бассейн

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Pool helps most people keep themselves constantly in the form, this is a unique opportunity to engage in useful physical activity and summer and winter, even present in your city, there are no rivers, lakes, ponds. Almost every medium and large city has an indoor pool, which is used by people throughout the city. Such a structure is available on the territory of the Czech town of Pribram, to see its structure today can any Internet user. With the permission of the administration at this facility has installed a webcam stream which is conducted round the clock in real time. The picture quality allows the detail to examine the object, assess its architecture. The pool is clearly divided into sections, so you can not just swim, but also to engage, to learn to swim. The size of the object sufficient to ensure that it could easily accommodate several dozen people. the web camera mounted inside the building and aim at the pool, working around the clock in real time. At night time the facility closes, but the stream continues.

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