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About webcam "The construction of a new neighborhood" in the city Chornomorsk (Ilyichevsk)

The city of Illichevsk, as well as some other cities of Ukraine and illuminated computer screens via airplay with installed on-site web cameras. Survey is not only important places and sights, but also ordinary areas. This was done to ensure that people around the world could become more familiar with the cities and see their benefits and features. In Ukraine one of the Webcams installed in front of the new neighborhood. For those who live in the city is a unique opportunity to explore the area without spending of free time if you plan to move enough to enable the online broadcast and to see how quickly you are building, what buildings are built and what is nearby. The device is fitted with such a perspective to the user during the viewing could obtain a maximum of useful information. If you look closely, you can see that workers are busy not only with construction of high rise buildings and the beautification of the yard. Webcam working around the clock in real time, after sunset, all work at the facility collapsed, construction stopped and the recording quality deteriorates due to the lack of sufficient light. If you decide to buy an apartment in this area is a unique opportunity to obtain operational information to evaluate the object from different angles, without spending time on the trip, moreover, from the height on which the web camera, the more visible everything.

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