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There are cities on the territory of which the port serves as the primary strategic object, without which life would have been much more difficult. The cities are in Ukraine, for example, in Ukraine is a huge territory of sea port where goods swim and where they swim for the needs of residents. The port area is located in a large Bay, where ships come to load and to unload. On the shore of a large area built-up industrial buildings, the workers don't like it when there are those who are just curious because they are afraid for their safety. Really being on the area under the port, it becomes clear that it is better to be always on the alert, and then moor the ships and are hard at work unloading the goods. If the interest falls you can protect yourself, see the object is now possible sitting at home and being in any part of the world simply to have an Internet connection and a device where you can watch the broadcast. The device is installed directly on site, it is located so that the user can learn lots of useful information. Webcam working around the clock in real time, the most convenient time for you to information about that part of the port that you directed the device. At night stream continues to be supplied free, but you can view only those areas of the site on which there is a sufficient amount of light.

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