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Have you ever had the opportunity to see a sea port, or will you have it in the future? Ninety percent of tourists arriving on vacation in the city, being a sea-port, not willing to waste my time on a tour of the facility, but there are ten percent who would like to see how the port, the type of equipment used. Web camera mounted in Illichevsk in the Ukraine, enabling anyone, anywhere in the world, see coal storage at the port. With the device is perfectly visible equipment used for loading ships, suitable here and the sea behind them. You can follow the work around the clock in real time, only at night due to the lack of powerful light, the picture becomes blurry, dark and hard to see anything in detail. If you know that never in my life will be in a similar place, but want to explore the world, the web camera will be you with this great helper. Not leaving the house for a few hours you can visit different parts of the world, to see what is hidden from human view, to learn something really new and useful.

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