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About webcam "Download transport ships" in the city Chornomorsk (Ilyichevsk)

Port cities distributed across the world not many, so you can see how the utilization of transport vehicles, not everyone succeeds. Arriving in the cities, people don't spend time on excursions at the ports, they prefer to spend limited vacation time at the beach, cafes and entertainment centers. Actually this is a pretty exciting event when the loaded merchant ships. It is a process that is difficult to understand a simple citizen. Web camera mounted in Ilyichevsk to port, invites the public to observe how the process of loading, what means are used for this purpose, how many people are involved. This is a unique opportunity to see from the size of merchant vessels, examine their equipment, and more. The camera operates around the clock, the picture is served in real-time, which further attracts the attention of Internet users. Anyone can turn on the stream, just to have a good connection. At night, the picture continues to broadcast, but visibility is greatly reduced, therefore, to observe the actions of men and machines hard.

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